Wow, this has been a long time coming.

I was talking with another stock friend of mine yesterday and he kept bringing up ticker symbol $XSPA to me. I was well aware of the company from past research and due diligence I had done on XpresSpa Group. The goal from the start was to roll out COVID-19    testing facilities at airports in order to fast track the onboarding process and get travel closer to where we were at pre-pandemic. 
I entertained the conversation despite divorcing the stock a few months ago. I say divorcing because theres a saying that you should never be married to a ticker symbol. Don’t be afraid to cut losses. Don’t ever get married to a stock. That statement I feel had affected me in some way resulting in the selling of $XSPA resulting in an overall loss. Not an easy loss to swallow either. 
I can’t remember how much I lost on this company but the truth is, it doesn’t matter. Why dwell? Forward looking I checked out the chart on the 180 day as well as working my way all the way up o the daily. Analyzing this stock again had given me faith in its future. The chart is absolutely primed for a gap up. Im seeing my stock mentors mention how this ticker symbol is going to create a whole new meaning of vertical.
That sounds exciting, doesn’t it? So today I purchased 14,000 shares of $XSPA and I intend on holding them until I see this vertical that is merely hype in the air as of right now. I bought in at a purchase price of $1.87/share. My price target and limit sell order is set at $9 currently. 
Not only is this chart primed but, new partnerships are on the rise as well with this ongoing project. Salt Lake City, UT has now welcomed XpresSpa into their international airports as well as more on the way. Thats what I was looking for previously, some movement! Also being a hub for delta airlines.
Along with new locations being set up in airports $XSPA has partnered with Jet Blue and United Airlines in issuing preliminary tests prior to boarding flights. These are some of the air industries leading airlines. I also noticed Delta is based in the east coast and so is Jet Blue, this builds more credibility  in that I see Delta joining forces with XpresSpa near future. Delta must have protocol in place by Monday 12/28/2020.
Jet Blue has also yet to announce its partnership with XpresSpa. This will be another catalyst in the news as to who is pioneering these instant tests. 
One last tid bit of very important information on XpresSpa Group. Not only have they created a new name for themselves touching on a much larger niche than ever before, changing their name to XpresCheck further promoting a quick and easy testing opportunity, There’s a potential alternative to CLEAR in the works. CLEAR as you have likely seen in airports is basically your fast pass to getting on your flight in a timely manner. If XpresCheck offers appointment based testing protocol, fast tracking you to your seat, this will shatter another time barrier yet again for this company. 
The Common Trust Network was created by Andrea Serra of the Economic World Forum. This will create a CommonPass that allows the user to have access to their health records and vaccinations while preserving their privacy. It is mainly to demonstrate your COVID status. This will create validation and verification in a quick manner in order to get passengers to their destinations in a timely manner. 
Remember the first time barrier XpresCheck shattered? Shortening testing from 48 hours to 15 minutes or less. Oh, yeah that’s right! I wish the best to everyone investing into this company. Now lets see that work Dougy!

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