Hey guys Benji Taught here, back at you with a part 3 on XpresSpa better known as Ticker Symbol $XSPA.

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We’ve been seeing some action as of recent, im sure if youre holding shares in this company you know exactly what Im talking about. For those of you that don’t know what im talking about, im gonna hop on Think or Swim and show you whats goin on 

Heres a nice run from Jan 20-25 of about a 50% followed by a pull back of approx. 20% before absolutely blowing through the ceiling for a run of 100+%

WOW that all happened in 1 week basically

I was actually in Portland at the time and I remember seeing all the profits I had made foolishly not pulling any profits and in a dramatic sense, sinking with the ship

Ill do better next time..

Then we had this run back up for another 40+% before absolutely Dumping to the sub $2 range

This is a lot of volatility which could be a good thing for us $XSPA pioneers

I know Im talking in a somewhat biased tone so I am gonna attempt to cut that out and stick to brass tacks

IN SUMMARY since my last update there are various catalysts for price action


  • 5 new sites are being built which include George Bush Intl Air, 2 locations in Newark Liberty Intl, as well as Dulles Intl & Reagan Natl
  • The State of HI announced XSPA as a trusted partner for COVID testing within their facilities
  • That Salt Lake City location in UT is officially open
  • XSPA now supports Transatlantic Flights, meeting Dutch Travel Restrictions providing their rapid Tests
  • 12/28/20 State of HI announces XSPA as a trusted partner for COVID testing with their facilities
    • sounds like the entire state of HI is on board?
  • 1/20/21 Salt Lake City Intl Airports XpresCheck location opens! INSERT PIC!
  • 1/25/21 now working on opening more locations in George Bush IntlAir & Newark Liberty
  • 1/28/21 Now supporting Transatlantic Flights meeting Dutch Travel Restrictions providing XSPA Rapid Antigen Tests
  • 2/16/21 2nd Location being built in Newark Liberty airport
  • 2/18/21 Signs contract with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority for XSPA sites in Dulles Intl Air & Reagan Natl Air

So yes, I’m still holding and it’s because I think there’s a lot of market manip going on

  • Price targets across the board changed on various websites from $18 the lowest to $50 some now all stating about the same being $3.50
    • That also is your median high low average price…
      • Looks like $3.50 takes it home! LOL
  • Along with the opening of what looks like as many XpresCheck locations as possible in as little time as possible…. I’m beginning to understand that if there is an XpresSpa location in an airport near you it will soon be converted in a testing site
    • The days of XpresSpa might just be over for good
  • I could be wrong on this but I’m not seeing anywhere that any of these airports have released news on their partnerships with XSPA
    • That will play a huge part in the rise to my price target

So what was that drop about?

  • What goes up must come down in short and I think this is the ‘big wigs’ last chance at shaking off the weak hands
    • You only lose money when you sell right?

Is my outlook the same?

  • Yes, I remain bullish on this stock & THEYVE updated their website very nicely as you can see HERE

the game plan is the same

  • Short term pull out mid way for a pullback to pocket profits and invest more again once the price drops
    • Hypothetically I think the stock is gonna drop faster than it rose, & whatever it did rise expect about a 40% pullback before finding support and resistance

SO what exactly is my price target?

  • Short term $4.50
  • Long term exit PT $9
    • Then Im done. Im out. I got what I came for and that’s that. Kapeesh? Kapeesh

All in all If COVID & XpresCheck become an ongoing matter of necessity, I think the price could certainly go higher than $10 over the course of the next year or so.

IMO this things about to blow, It will be like UAVS but faster, my outlook few months.

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