Hey you guys I hope all is well on your side of the screen. This topic I’ve been handling my whole life & I have numerous occurrences to back up everything I’m about to say.

Todays video is about having too many irons in the fire, & more importantly whether or not that fire is actually yours.

The phrase too many irons in the fire has been a common topic of conversation for myself throughout the years. I’ve spoken with my buddy Malcom about this countless amount of times and he tells me I have too many irons in the fire; but, at the same time it’s best to do what you love and I have a lot of things that I can and should capitalize on with the skillset I’ve acquired.

“Sometimes having too many irons in the fire nets too many irons in the fire”. One of my college professors told me this just prior to graduation. I didn’t know what it meant at the time but I know it all too well now. Think of it as having too many things going on which might just leave you running in circles, this seems to be a common opinion from various sources I’ve reached out to. At the same time I enjoy having a lot of things going on, it keeps myself busy and it always leaves me with opportunity if that’s what I seek.

Looking back on not only my past, but my present & potential future; this applies everywhere when I begin talking about whether or not this fire is yours. I would think to myself are these things I’m doing on the daily impactful? Is this a good use of my time and energy? You’re not being selfish by asking yourself this question like I do, and you should probably ask yourself this question more often.

Is what you’re doing with your time propelling you in the direction toward your dreams and aspirations? Simple question really. If not, maybe you’re engulfed by another person’s flame and this fire you’re battling is in fact not even your fire at all. Here’s some examples where I’ve allowed others to engulf my already iron filled fire with their own in which I adopt out of optimism and credulity.

So I had this business partner, my only business partner in the past as a matter of fact, & formally on paper. For starters the idea we went with was bland, it was an e-commerce print on demand brand, it worked with proper marketing amongst other things.

I had optimism in that this was a person I found to be intelligent in similar industries like myself, in which we could communicate effectively with proficiency. I found credulity in that he could handle a part of this business such as marketing ultimately killing the business and my trust. A big part of this failure was the misuse of my funds for the marketing of the business. I paid for everything involving that company so this was a time for self-reflecting. I learned to be more attentive with overlooking & double checking work of a partner or employee at all times to make sure that things remain on course. If you want it done right, you do it yourself!

Another experience I had recently in LA was artist agency. I was working with an artist in the area who was talented and we got a long great. We found ourselves signing into an agreement fairly quickly regarding our relationship as Artist & Agent.

Almost as soon as the agreement was signed I found myself doing extensive errands clouding my judgement on scope of work. This also clouded my focus on what I am useful for and what I should’ve been focusing on. Believe me, I’m all for sweat equity and proving that I’m here for the long haul or however you want to look at it. So, it’s not that I refuse to perform simple requests like picking up breakfast on my way over.

What I’d learned throughout this relationship is that it’s best to establish clear boundaries in regards to scope of work & expectations. Getting these things out there upfront & clear for mutual understanding is best for both parties. I’ve also learned that I can handle artist agency very well, but I also know where the line in the sand is when it comes to expectations between an artist & myself as their agent. Having a good idea of what you’re offering to your artist as soon as possible so you know what to focus on is best.

This topic can be applied in any occupation and I think I have an issue with identity pertinent toward the everlasting question, what do you do?

I do a lot of things from photography, editing, videography, drone work, I’m a realtor, I invest in stocks etc. It’s a lot and this works for me. I believe that having multiple sources of income should bring the most prosperity to those that take on those workloads.

I am one of those people that thoroughly enjoys and prospers from netting too many irons in the fire. I take my peers opinions for what they’re worth but all in all I go with what I believe in at the end of the day. I think making sure that my fire is my own fire, making sure that the things that I’m working on are pertinent toward my own growth pushing me toward my dreams, is the best way to go.

I personally enjoy having a lot of things going on and I stay optimistic for my future. Nothing has stuck to the point where I want to go ‘gung-ho’ at it yet. I have so many ideas, hypothesis and plots that I have in the works & or procrastinating on. This is something I suppose you will experience with too many irons in your fire.

Everyone procrastinates, I do myself. If this is you too you should check out my video on perfect timing where I touch on procrastination and how I overcome it!

If you want to have too many irons in your fire, let it burn bright and just go. Just keep doing and pushing for your future.

Well, that’s all I have to say I hope you guys enjoyed this blog/vlog.

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Benji Taught over n out.

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