Here’s a conversation between my friend Bennet and I. I’ll probably start posting conversations like this more often, I tend to have long productive conversations on topics like these and I always think, if only I could have recorded that. So here I pick up the camera just after we started talking and here’s what I got. We spoke about … – NFTs, formatting, how you can take a photo you don’t own and make it your own – How to search for copyright free images – Image quality, resolution, DPI, editing, how to ensure HQ imgs – NFT Galleries – Royalties – How Photographers hold a lot of power in the space – How to see if an NFT is selling or more importantly reselling – Things I’ve noticed while shopping for NFTs – How much we would sell our NFTs for – How to sell physical artwork as an NFT – How to create variations of your NFT – How to accomplish things you don’t know how to do – Advantages/Disadvantages of being active in with NFTs – Smart contracts vs. contracts – Battling Imposter Syndrome As you can see by the laundry list of topics this conversation was a good one. I really hope you all enjoy this video, that’s of course why I’m releasing it. This was filmed about a couple weeks prior to when I started making moves on creating content around the subject. Enjoy

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