Yesterday I had an urge to be with nature, yet didn’t want to take a 15 minute drive to seek it. Instead, I felt giving the sun my energy would’ve been an adequate option rather.

My Experience

It was about 4:00p when I walked to my apartment patio. Dressed in an outfit suitable for late fall, I felt cozy still. It was perplexing wearing a four layers of clothing including jeans and a pair of Vans, my body’s temperate.

Removing my sunglasses immersing in true exposure I find myself lying down on a soft oversized chair. Legs hanging just an inch from the ground, a weightless feeling of serenity. I came about this reflective activity through another YouTuber. He taught me how I should approach such a powerful source of energy. In order to do this, you must believe in its capabilities.

How to Sun Gaze

I begin to shut my eyes quickly cloaking my perception a warm red tone. Taking in each breath I treat the initial vibrations as I would during meditation. As I became more conscious of the present colors begin to turn a sable black. Now, I am ready to receive.

Peering through my eyelashes I only lasted about 3 seconds comfortably. So, I shut my eyes again until what is bright goes away, this takes about 30 seconds. Opening my eyes wider the second round I conceptualize the suns spherical form and last 5 seconds. Now I shut my eyes for a couple minutes.

Throughout this 30 minutes of short on/off ‘sunshine sessions’ we’ll call it, I truly felt fulfilled. I was given an abundant amount of energy, radiating vitality. I mean I really felt emotions as if i’d won the lottery. Love, hope, & tranquility have never been so prominent.

So I took this great feeling of abundance and fueled the remainder of my day with the energy I had acquired. I also shared my experience unexpectedly on socials thereafter.

Heres the video:

If you were inspired to try sun gazing for yourself, comment below and let me know how it’s going for you. Much love, Benji.

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