Exposing signs of an upcoming recession and what you can do to protect yourself.

In this video, I express how it felt to overcome a fear of mine, being, confronting my elders about their financial investments/nest eggs.

Financial literacy has never become more important.

My mother is from the Xennial generation which is between the Gen X/Millennial era

While my Grandfather is from the Baby Boomer generation.

Educating them both on what can happen to their investments and what can be done to avert potential liquidation.

I share some signs and opportunities I have noticed. Enjoy.


I recently faced my fears for a lack of better terminology.

It makes me feel like a child or something saying I am still learning how to face certain fears I have.

So be it, we all have shit we would rather not do until well we just go do it.

So, what I did was something I had been waiting to do for months now. I told my mother and grandfather about the recession that I believe is right around the corner.

This has become a benefactor to my confidence due to the idea of fear and control being compatible. I by no means want or will be controlling any of you or my family members out of fear.

So, what did I do with such a heavy conversation obtaining drastic outcomes for both my elders

I told them what happens to their safety nets/nests whatever you want to call them and they listened.

I really appreciated that, love my family to the depths.

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