Benji Taught Podcast Ep 1 –

$UAVS AG Eagle Aerial Systems

Welcome to the new podcast! The audio at the ending had too much gain, forgive me it will be fixed next time. I’m new to the audio world.


– Ag Eagle Aerial Systems / Ticker Symbol $UAVS

PR update as of 8/17/2020: (my thoughts)

– Revenue Increase of 516% for the 6mo comparable periods between 2019 & 2020. From $66,000 to $408,000. (Excellent)

– April – June, slow down of $16,000 compared to 2019s $20,000 due to pandemic related causes. (Understandable)

– The company anticipates $770,000 in revenue by the end of Q3. (Ambitious)

– Gross profit margin has increased to 54% from 20% for the comparable period. (Magnificent)

– Company net loss totaled $1.7M compared to the net loss of $1.3M in the previous year. Cause is related to higher operating cost associated to their shift in long-term growth strategies. (I can live with that)

– Cash On Hand is $12.9M from $718,000 in December. Currently the company has no long-term debt and Cash On Hand is at $25M+ as they have recently acquired equity financing previously announced.

– CEO, Michael Drozd, Impressed with work ethic, mutual interest in long term strategic planning, ability to weather the pandemic, ‘this will be a record breaking year for growth in UAVS’

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