Yep, we did it again.

I drove across the country to see my good friend @Sean_Flores paint my car. He’s an international best-selling graffiti artist from Los Angeles and we work together in the creative industry, how lucky am I to have such a cool buddy?
So round 2 here we go. This by far turned out the best I’d ever could’ve imagined! What a crazy week, it’s like this every time I visit LA. I also met my savior in the fashion industry, @AngelBoyPrints. Now the Ben Smith shop will be up asap. S/O to the homies this week you guys are the shit.
The store is not launched yet but will be as soon as I can get everything remotely presentable for you all. I will touch base on this soon but in the mean time for the latest updates you can follow the Ben Smith clothing line socials.
Twitter @ BenSmithClothes Instagram @ BenSmithClothingCo
Thank you to all my new supporters!

Here’s a couple short videos and some more pics I had posted to my other social platforms, enjoy!

Instagram Post
TikTok Post

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