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Are you an artist that wants to dive in on Web 3 but don’t know where to begin? Perfect, here’s what I can do for you.

NFT Cultivation

For those of you who don’t want to create your own NFTs but have the means to do so, please allow me. I will mint your art into NFTs fit to your parameters. This way you can slowly start growing your digital art portfolio as soon as possible. This is important!

Project Curation/Funding

Whether you have a graphic and a small idea or a fully built out roadmap we have the ability to team you up with not only funding for your newly built project exposing you to our investor pool but, we also guide you through the creation and marketing of your newly curated project.

What we look for

Some of the things your project should have before submission.

  • DAO
  • Utility
  • Scalability


Whether you have a 1 and done project or roadmap layout the goal is stilll the same. We want YOU to sell out.

Supreme Player – Sean Flores – 1 of 1

Supreme Player

This work of art was originally purchased in 2020 by Benjamin Smith. Just a short year and a half later this piece was brought to a professional scanning company to accurately encapsulate its detail.

View on OpenSea

Crypto Lisa – Benjamin Smith – 1 of 1

Crypto Lisa

Crypto Lisa was manufactured out of eagerness to be a part of the NFT community in 2021 by Benjamin Smith. A 1 of 1 photograph first of its kind.

View on OpenSea


I am looking for projects that seek to change the world with software technology, mass utility and innovation. I am currently working on a project of my own and I am more than eager to meet with others who seek similar goals. I am seeking individuals interested in exploring what Web 3 and Metaverse has to offer.

Benjamin Smith

Let’s build something great together.

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