Artists I work with

Sean Flores

Sean is an LA based native painting stunning vibrant mixed media canvases with cartoon characters that influenced his youth. Check out the dynamic intricacy within his works displaying his enthusiastic personality that his friends and family know him for.


Sabrina is a multimedia artist expressing unique intellect through symbolism within her works. Currently based in Miami, FL explore what she calls ‘Experimental Evolution’ showcasing both a bright and dark form of passion.

Dillan Steele

Dillan is a Detroit native and multimedia acrylic based artist that leads his communities through resurrection of history. Take a look at the ingenuity behind people and urban cultural movements that manifested his creativity.


Dalo is a New York based artist combining his love for street art and collaging of classic cartoons. Check out his multimedia graffiti creations showcasing his distinctive take on nostalgia. 

Diane Portwood

Diane is an urban contemporary artist creating stunning pieces emulating growth and decay to showcase her balance of hope and cynicism. Explore Diane’s originality within her celestial depictions.

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