Live Life with Curiosity

Where do I begin..

Over the past few months I have dialed in my dedication to personal productivity and expansion of my business endeavors. With strict regimen I ‘ve been given gifts only one in search would receive. I will be sharing each of my major epiphanies through a series of blogs.

I have been through a lot in the past year. With both struggles and blessings I have found a better perspective on life. I use the word life because it is broad, as spacious as my mind is free. Along this journey, I have collected wisdom through one experience routinely. Genuine human interaction. New faces, new conversations, new mojo.

Even though we are experiencing a pandemic with social monarchy, I believe it has allowed me to focus more on personal interactions. We don’t have the opportunity to meet new people as we once were. With that we should adapt and discover new ways to create bonds with one another. Through, genuine human interaction.

I’ve been writing in a small book recently. It’s only about 5x3in., the perfect size for a list of everlasting reminders. Every time I opened this book I wrote with inspiration and purpose. These have become memories that permit my tranquility.

Now that you know how and why I receive these messages on the way of life, I give you my first epiphany.

“Live life with curiosity”

This was the very first thought that came to my mind upon creating my journal. It was a busy Friday for me as they usually are. Only to top it off it had been the beginning of this new public mandate requiring all persons to wear a mask. Apparently that also means my apartment complex, my home. Well I have a health condition..

I remember attempting to take the elevator down to my car that evening and being brutally rejected by an ill-mannered granny for not wearing a mask. I’d be glad to take the next one, so I waited. To then be halted in my tracks by another mask deputy or so it seemed, I waited. During both of those interactions I had a brief moment of curiosity in why they had been so rash towards me. Maybe they had a bad day themselves.

Don’t ask me how this was the beginning to one of the biggest realizations I’ve had but, with this curiosity I began to extend this emotion in more aspects. I proceeded to a friend’s business to catch up and during my visit I got to know this friend on a deeper level. He’s double my age so he had some stories to tell. He told tales of his previous occupation in Dubai, UAE, hiring and firing professors for major colleges in the area. He even has credentials to open schools anywhere he pleases in the United States! Then the conversation on income tax came up about all the saving he did to live the good life driving Ferraris living in mansions on the Persian Gulf. There’s no income tax there.

It sounded so nice I might just flee to Dubai myself! Now he owns businesses here in the US with a beautiful family to accompany his next ventures. The moment I left I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. This was more so the turning point in my epiphany, the truly jaw dropping moment. Why hadn’t I asked about his past before? Is it because he is older and I don’t seem to come across these conversations as much as I do with others my own age. Who cares. It got me thinking and now I wonder about everyone. Everyone has a story, a past. 99% of the time I find them interesting. We all live such different lives, why not bullshit in the moment?

There it is, my first epiphany. I wanted to share this because it truly means something to me. I’ve found enjoyment in my curiosity in other people. In my eyes I see it as ‘How could you not?’. The next time you’re talking to your friends, family, old, young ask them how they’re doing. Inquire on their well-being and share stories if you have the time.

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