Hello everyone! I know… It’s been forever right?

I’ve really been focusing on some side hustles of mine as well learning FCPX after getting rid of Adobe’s editing suite. After learning some things and testing the waters I wish I started using FCPX a long long time ago. 

So here’s to another amazing video just for you guys!

This one’s all about the 10 things that keep me on track everyday. These are daily responsibilities I have and whenever I feel I’m losing my sense of concentration I can always resort back to these habits that allow me to get back in the zone.

I hope you’re all so so well, truly. 🙂

More videos to come soon and I’m so excited to bring the heat.

New clothing line is up and active now as well! We source our garments from the EU, specifically Portugal right now and I am loving the quality. I have always been one to support other’s aspirations, businesses and dreams. Now its time I took hold of my life and created my own reality. This is just one of many things I am bringing to the industry.

So much and so little time.

See you in the next video!


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